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Directions for Accessing your Program Leader Feedback Form

  • Be sure you are logged into the grants portal with the email address used to apply for and accept your grant.

  • On the left-hand menu under "My Applications" click the "Needs Attention" section.

  • Click "Open" or "Edit" under "Action for your 2022-2023 National PTA Programs Grants application. The round will say "Program Leader Feedback Form".

  • Once you click "Open/Edit" you will have entered the Program Leader Feedback Form where you will answer questions about your program and upload at least 3 pictures by April 12 for Smart Talk grantees, and May 19 for all other grantees.

    • Please be sure the pictures you are uploading are clear, high quality photos. As a general guideline a clear, high quality photo taken with a smart phone will be around 2MB in size.

  • At the bottom of the form, please click "Save" to save your work and return to complete the form at a later time. Once you complete the form, please click "Save and Finalize". Your Program Leader Feedback Form will now move to the "Complete" section on the homepage of your grants portal.


2022-2023 National PTA Programs Funding

National PTA is offering grant funding for PTAs/PTSAs who are interested in implementing a National PTA program focused on STEM, literacy, digital citizenship, mental health, healthy lifestyles or the arts. Funds can be used to provide extra support to PTAs in running their program or making their program more accessible to all students.



As of Tuesday, Sept. 27 at 5:00 p.m. EDT the application process for Fall 2022 Program Grants is now closed.


  • Applications will be judged through a double-blind review process using this rubric.

  • National PTA will work with state PTAs to ensure local PTA good standing status.

  • Funding announcements will be made in early November.

  • Selected PTAs will be expected to provide ACH information and complete an award letter outlining grant requirements in early December.

  • Pending completed paperwork, funding will be provided in early January.

  • Program Implementation, unless otherwise stated, is expected to take place between January and April. PTAs will receive regular support, communication and opportunities for collaboration from National PTA Programs Staff throughout the program process.

  • Required program leader feedback will be due to National PTA in mid-May.

  • Remember, funding is not needed to run PTA Programs. Visit PTA.org/Programs to plan your program year! Email Grants@PTA.org with any questions.  




PTA Healthy Minds, Sponsored by The New York Life Foundation and The Allstate Foundation 

100 local PTAs will be awarded $2,500 in funding, sponsored by The New York Life Foundation and The Allstate Foundation to equip families with the tools they need to build healthy minds. The Healthy Minds program gives PTA Leaders and families resources to take action around mental health at home and through hosting formal programs. For this specific grant, your PTA must …

  1. Build the knowledge and skills of parents and families to support their child’s mental health and help enhance their child’s social-emotional skills and resilience by distributing resources and hosting learning sessions;
  2. Provide the resources and support so parents take action to strengthen their family and child’s mental health; and
  3. Partner with your school to build and strengthen mental health and social-emotional learning (SEL) supports and services. The format and structure of each program will vary based on the unique needs of each school community. You can find examples of how PTAs are working to create healthy minds, as well as learn more about this opportunity here.

PTA Connected The Smart Talk, Sponsored by Norton

150 local PTAs will be awarded $1,000 in funding to facilitate PTA Connected The Smart Talk family conversations in their school communities. The Smart Talk is an interactive tool created by National PTA and Norton that walks families through a series of guided digital safety questions, then creates a personalized family agreement for how technology will be used at home. For this specific grant, your PTA must be willing to host a discussion with families and students about digital safety and The Smart Talk tool by March 31, 2023. National PTA has developed resources to support this discussion. Learn more.

Mary Lou Anderson Reflections Arts Enhancement, Sponsored by the family of Mary Lou Anderson

Two local PTAs will be awarded $1,000 in funding to administer student-centered programs that increase access to high-quality arts learning experiences and create new pathways for students to participate in the National PTA Reflections program. To be eligible for the Mary Lou Anderson Reflections Arts Enhancement grant, your PTA must be participating in the 2022-2023 Show Your Voice! Reflections program. The funding must be used to provide new pathways for underrepresented students to participate in arts education, including the Reflections program. Learn more.



STEM + Families Propelling Our World, Sponsored by Huntington Ingalls  

35 PTAs will each be awarded $1,000. To receive this funding, your PTA must be willing to host a hands-on National PTA Propelling Our World program (Engineering Design Challenge). PTAs that receive this funding will be required to use the program resources and ensure the engineering design challenge activities allow students and families to engage in the activities together to enhance positive family engagement. In addition, your PTA must be willing to educate families about STEM careers, including those careers involving skilled trades. Learn more.

STEM + Families Science Festival, Sponsored by Bayer

25 local PTAs awarded $1,000 in funding and up to three District/Council/Region (DCR) PTAs awarded $5,000 in funding. This funding is specifically for local and DCR PTAs serving K-5th grade students and families that are located within a 55-mile radius of the following regions:

  • Arizona (Marana, Tucson)
  • California (Berkeley, Oakland, Oxnard, San Francisco, San Jose, San Ramon, Sacramento, Williams, Woodland)
  • Hawaii (Haleiwa, Honolulu, Kaunakakai, Kihei, Kunia)
  • Idaho (Soda Springs)
  •  Iowa (Ankeny, Boone, Des Moines, Grinnell, Huxley, Urbandale, Muscatine, Williamsburg)
  • Illinois (Waterman, Farmer City)
  • Louisiana (Luling, St. Charles Parrish)
  • Massachusetts (Cambridge, Boston)
  • Missouri (St. Louis, Kansas City)
  • New Jersey (Morristown, Whippany)
  • Pennsylvania (Indianola, Pittsburgh, Saxonburg, Myerstown)
  • Puerto Rico (Juana Diaz)

To successfully complete this grant, your local PTA or DCR PTA must be willing to run a hands-on science festival program and/or distribute STEM kits curated by your PTA or DCR PTA, using National PTA’s Science Festival resources and ensuring the science activities allow students and families to engage in the activities together to enhance positive family engagement. Learn more.



PTA Connected Be Internet Awesome, Sponsored by Google + YouTube Kids

50 local PTAs will be awarded $1,000 in funding to host an interactive Be Internet Awesome program where families engage with one another in meaningful conversations about raising children in an online world. PTAs that receive this funding must be willing to use updated National PTA Be Internet Awesome resources (coming soon) and help parents create a shared understanding of what it means to Be Internet Smart, Alert, Strong, Kind and Brave. The Be Internet Awesome Program will also introduce families to free tools, such as Family Link, to support healthy online habits and provide parents with ways to view their child’s online activity, manage their apps and set limits on screen time. Learn more.

Family Reading Experience, Sponsored by Office Depot OfficeMax 

35 local PTAs will be awarded $1,000 in funding to implement the National PTA Family Reading Experience program, which connects families with reading resources within their school communities. The goal of the program is to help expand student access to books and diversify libraries at home, in school and in the community. The funding must be used to implement this National PTA program. Learn more.



Tobacco-Free Prevention Campaign, Sponsored by The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

15 PTAs/PTSAs that serve 6th-12th grade students and families will be awarded $1,000 in funding to engage youth and families and assess the prevalence of tobacco-use in their school community, including vaping, e-cigarette use and flavored tobacco product use. In addition, PTAs/PTSAs must also be willing to execute advocacy efforts addressing the needs identified, including hosting Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action (March 31, 2023) anti-tobacco campaign activities and any other advocacy activities, such as: engaging school officials, community members and legislators about tobacco-use and tobacco-prevention, vaping, e-cigarette use and flavored tobacco product use or hosting listening sessions with families and decision-makers. PTAs/PTSAs must use and promote National PTA co-created tobacco-free prevention campaign materials throughout the school year. Learn more.



PTA Connected Create with Kindness, Sponsored by TikTok

40 local high school PTAs/PTSAs will each be awarded $1,000 in funding to host family-centered conversations within high school communities about digital kindness, safety and responsibility. PTAs/PTSAs that receive this funding will be required to organize and host a high school student panel, educate participants about digital kindness, safety and responsibility—as well as TikTok’s safety features—and facilitate interactive learning within participants. National PTA has developed resources to support this program. Learn more.

PTA Connected + Discord, Sponsored by Discord

30 local high school PTAs will be awarded $1,000 in funding to facilitate meaningful discussions between teens and their caregivers about digital dilemmas, specifically related to community and belonging, that many people face. The program helps families explore the use of technology as a communication and relationship tool while discussing ways to foster positive relationships and build belonging in our digital world. National PTA has developed resources to support this program. Learn more.


While we are pleased to be able to offer financial assistance, don't forget - you do not need funding to run a National PTA program. Visit PTA.org/Programs to learn more about the amazing PTA Programs available to you!

Did you know? You can start and save your application for completion before the deadline. When you're logged in, go to the left-hand menu under "My Applications" and click on "Needs Attention" or "Incomplete". Then, choose "Edit" to open your saved and incomplete applications.

Have a question? Email Programs@PTA.org and be sure to include your PTA Name, State and Grant Program in the subject line so we can get back to you as quickly as possible.