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2023-2024 National PTA Programs Funding


Program Leader Feedback Form

This is a REQUIRED survey for all Fall 2023 Programs Grantees. This information will be used by National PTA to enhance existing programs, inform future programs and share PTA’s value. We also hope to learn what resources and supports have been helpful to you throughout the program year. Your feedback may even be showcased by National PTA in a number of ways, including our How We PTA webpage, so stay connected!

We encourage you to also share your PTA’s important work and successes with your entire school community and use their feedback to make informed decisions about future PTA endeavors.

To complete your grant requirement, you must submit this form no later than March 31, 2024 for Norton Smart Talk grantees and May 17, 2024 for all other program grantees.

Answers may be submitted in the language of your choice and a Spanish version of the Program Leader Feedback Form can be found here Program Leader Feedback Form (espanol). 


Directions for Accessing your Program Leader Feedback Form 

  • Be sure you are logged into the grants portal with the email address used to apply for and accept your grant. 

  • On the left-hand menu under "My Applications" click the "Needs Attention" section. 

  • Click "Open" or "Edit" under "Action for your 2023-2024 National PTA Programs Grants application. The round will say "Program Leader Feedback Form". 

  • Once you click "Open/Edit" you will have entered the Program Leader Feedback Form where you will answer questions about your program and upload at least 3 pictures by March 31 for Smart Talk grantees, and May 17 for all other grantees. 

  • Please be sure the pictures you are uploading are clear, high quality photos. As a general guideline a clear, high quality photo taken with a smart phone will be around 2MB in size. 

  • At the bottom of the form, please click "Save" to save your work and return to complete the form at a later time. Once you complete the form, please click "Save and Finalize". Your Program Leader Feedback Form will now move to the "Complete" section on the homepage of your grants portal. 



While we are pleased to be able to offer financial assistance, don't forget - you do not need funding to run a National PTA program. Visit PTA.org/Programs to learn more about the amazing PTA Programs available to you!

Have a question? Email Programs@PTA.org and be sure to include your PTA Name, State and Grant Program in the subject line so we can get back to you as quickly as possible. 



Si bien nos complace poder ofrecer asistencia financiera, no olvide que no necesita fondos para ejecutar un programa nacional de PTA. ¡Visite PTA.org/Programs para obtener más información sobre los increíbles programas del National PTA disponibles para usted!

¿Tiene alguna pregunta? Envíe un correo electrónico a  Programs@PTA.org  y asegúrese de incluir el nombre de su PTA, estado y programa de subvenciones de la PTA en la línea de asunto para que podamos comunicarnos con usted lo más rápido posible.