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Welcome! The following steps will show you how to add collaborators to your application. 

Only the primary collaborator can submit an application. This prevents collaborators from submitting before the application is complete. If you are in the application and a collaborator logs in, you will be notified that they have begun working on the application and you will not be able to enter more information. As the primary collaborator you can hand over the roll to any of the other collaborators should you no longer need to be primary. 


Step 1:
Click the Manage Collaborators button at the top of the application.


Step 2:
Click the Add Collaborator button. As the creator of the application, you are the primary collaborator. Your information will appear as below. 


Step 3:
Enter the information for your collaborator and click Save.

Step 4:
Repeat steps two and three until you have added all your collaborators. To make another collaborator the Primary, click Make Primary in the Action Column. To remove someone as a collaborator click Remove Access.